We invite you to listen to our weekly podcast, “Books Change Lives!”

Throughout the ages, books have had a life changing impact on those who read them. Join us for an informative, inspiring, and entertaining podcast that focuses on the power of books. You will meet authors who will give insight into why they wrote their book or books and what they hope the reader will take away after reading their book. They will also share with you the process of writing a book including the challenges they faced, the sense of accomplishment and joy of becoming a published author. But we don’t stop there. We will also interview people from all walks of life including every day, working class people, famous celebrities, professional athletes, men and women behind bars, children, college students, business owners, ministers, etc., they will all tell us about the book or books that has made a lasting and positive impact on their lives.

It doesn’t matter if you are reading an e-book or holding the physical book in your hand, the results are the same: Books Change Lives!

Not only do we invite you to listen to our podcast, but we also invite you to join us as a guest and tell us how books have changed your life.

Books Change Lives is hosted by Steve White, publisher, Protective Hands Communications. Please click the link below to join us for our debut podcast of Books Change Lives! Beginning May 1, 2021. Also available wherever podcasts are heard. Our special guest is Markeshia Kirksey, author of Milan: Torn Between a Pastor and My Lies

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