The Art of Communicating

Protective Hands Communications offers expert-led training seminars and consulting that will shift the way you communicate. We believe that everything you need to be great is already inside you! PHC offers virtual, one-on-one, and in-person classes to help you communicate more effectively in your business, profession, and personal life.

"Allow Protective Hands Communications to bring the greatness out of you."

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  • Are you ready to transform your communication style?
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  • Do you want to improve your communication skills and/or sales skills to become more impactful?

It is human to human communications that is the foundation for building and maintaining a successful business and for those seeking to grow within their companies. Effective communications is the tool utilized by successful businesspeople, community leaders and politicians, ministers, and others for building sustainable, growing businesses and organizations.

Talking Loud and Saying Something

This course is for those who want to enhance their public speaking skills. Whether it is giving speeches, lectures, conducting seminars, interviews or leading meetings, this course is for those in the public and private sector who want to effectively communicate with their audience. Everyone has innate communication skills. This course provides practical tips to improve those skills and make sure your message is received by your audience. You will also gain insight into the psychology of effective public speaking as well as developing your listening skills which improves your ability to properly respond to your audience.

Science of the Mind

While it is generally accepted that whatever we want in life, we must work for it. Quite literally, we must be willing to vigorously and relentlessly fight for that which we desire. The battleground is our minds, for our success or failure begins with a thought. This course should be attended by all who seek to obtain success in their personal lives, business endeavors, spiritual life or physical health. In this course, we literally explore the science of the mind so that it is easily understood and mastered.

Let Them Buy It! Enhancing Your Sales Skills

No business is transacted in America until something is sold. The greatest sales people are those who are honest and are able to sell themselves. In this course, attendees will learn first and foremost, how to sell themselves whether in a job interview or to market their business. Secondly, they will learn the fundamentals of selling products or services effectively to the commercial, non-profit or residential community.

If You Lead, They Will Follow

Everyone is born with leadership skills, some more than others. However, everyone has the ability to improve their leadership skills by gaining a better understanding of what makes a leader and the practice of leadership. In this course, attendees will gain insight into the psychology of leadership. The basic, fundamental skills that all good leaders must possess. How to cultivate loyal followers. How to lead by example. Attendees will also learn how to develop their innate leadership skills.

The Keys to a Successful Home-based Business

The coronavirus has changed the work environment forever. Many people have lost their jobs and many people have decided to start their own home-based business. Having worked from home for many years, Steve will share the keys to operating a successful home-based business. There are many pitfalls that can doom a small business, particularly one that operate from home. In this presentation Steve will discuss in-depth the critical areas that must be addressed in order to operate from home.
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